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Yellow Gold vs. White Gold vs. Rose Gold

Yellow Gold vs. White Gold vs. Rose Gold

gold comparison

Whether you’re getting dressed for a day in the office or a night out with your significant other, gold jewelry is the perfect way to add some style. Whether you’re looking for classic yellow gold pieces, delicate white gold sets or contemporary rose gold designs, you’ll be able to find just the type to make any outfit stand out.

Yellow Gold

White Gold

Rose Gold

Metals Used

An alloy of pure gold with metals like zinc and copperAn alloy of gold and a white metal like nickel or manganeseAn alloy of gold and copper


Can be easily scratched or dentedMore durable than yellow goldMost durable due to the presence of copper


Modern and vintage-inspired stylesClassic and contemporary stylesA popular choice for both modern & vintage styles


Non-toxic and hypo-allergenic in its pure formCan cause skin irritation due to the presence of nickelCan cause an allergic reaction due to the presence of copper


Pairs well with diamonds in warm tonesPairs well with colorless diamonds and colored stonesPairs well with colorless diamonds

Yellow Gold

Advantages of Yellow Gold

  • Safe to wear – Yellow gold is resistant to corrosion and non-toxic in its pure form, making it a great choice for jewelry.
  • A more malleable option – Yellow gold is the closest to pure gold and soft to work with, thus easier to work into intricate designs.
rose gold

Disadvantages of Yellow Gold

  • More susceptible to scratches – Being a softer alloy, yellow gold has a tendency to scratch or dent easily.
  • Not a color for everyone – When paired with diamonds, yellow gold may give the stones a yellow tint. It is also a shade of gold that might not suit all skin tones.

White Gold

Advantages of White Gold

  • A durable option – White gold is made with nickel which makes it harder and more resistant to dents and scratches.
  • An economical purchase – If you’re a fan of platinum, white gold is the perfect choice for you at a lower cost.
  • Compatible with all skin tones – The sophisticated gleam of white gold jewelry looks lovely on all skin tones.
white gold

Disadvantages of White Gold

  • Fade in color – White gold is plated with rhodium to get the desired color, which wears off eventually and needs to be re-plated about once a year.
  • Allergic reactions – White gold contains nickel which can cause an allergic reaction in people with sensitive skin.

Rose Gold

Advantages of Rose Gold

  • A strong and durable choice – Rose gold is tougher than yellow or white gold as it contains copper.
  • A popular choice for jewelry – The soft pink hue of rose gold makes it a fantastic option for vintage inspired rings, as well as a wide range of contemporary jewelry pieces.
  • Low maintenance – Rose gold does not have to be plated and can be brightened up with a simple polishing process.
rose gold

Disadvantages of Rose Gold

  • It is not hypo-allergenic – Rose gold can cause skin irritation due to the presence of copper.
  • Limited in supply – Jewelry made from rose gold is not as easily available as yellow or white gold.