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Watches Buying Guide

Watches not only tell time; they're also a fashion statement. There are a wide range of watches available to suit your personal taste and lifestyle, whether you're training for a marathon and need an athletic watch or prefer a metal analog watch to wear to the office. Watches serve both as an accessory and a functional timepiece that everyone can find useful.

Why buy a watch?

Purchasing a new watch is a classic fashion statement. Whether you're wearing your new watch to work or out with friends, watches are the perfect accessory to put the finishing touches on your outfit.

Parents and active individuals would benefit from water-resistant watches. Water resistance may not allow you to go deep-sea diving, but it will withstand getting sprayed with a hose in the garden or accidentally forgetting to remove your watch before taking a shower.

Advancements in watch movement technology have been made so that the hands are kept at a constant pace, giving you a more specific reading of the time.

Watches make a great gift as an anniversary, birthday or holiday gift for your significant other.

Features of watches

Watch appearance

  • Watch bands come in a variety of different materials like leather, metal and plastic
  • Watch faces are offered in two styles, digital and analog




Technological features

  • Water-resistant watches can't be submerged for long periods of time but can handle rain and other everyday instances when you might get a watch wet
  • Chronograph watches allow you to use a stop watch function while your watch is still keeping time
  • Added features on watches like a calendar allow you to quickly see the date
  • Most athletic watches allow you to use the watch as a stopwatch, time laps and split time while you're exercising
  • Backlighting on digital watches lets you see the time no matter how dark it is outside



Watch movements

  • Mechanical watches are powered by a mainspring which must be wound occasionally
  • Automatic watches are powered by battery and regulated by quartz technology
  • Solar options still require a battery, but are recharged with the power of the sun so you never have to replace it

Power source

  • There are three different types of power sources for watches: Self-winding is a manual option, while solar and batteries are automated




Types of watches

Dress watches

Dress watches pair nicely with office attire and typically come in leather or metal bands with analog faces. You can wear dress watches daily, but they go best with nice apparel.

  • Price range for men's dress watches : $15-$500
  • Price range for women's dress watches : $15-$1,500
  • Band material: Brass, gold, gold plated, leather, resin, silver, silver plated and stainless steel

Dress watches are best for...

Corporate climbers : Dress watches are the perfect finishing touch to any suit, dress or workwear.


People with a packed social calendar : Any dressy social event is the perfect opportunity to sport a metal or leather dress watch.


Style-conscious individuals : Fashion watches are less expensive so you can purchase multiple timepieces and interchange them with outfits, but dress watches feature style, class and luxury at a quality that most fashion pieces don't offer.


Casual watches

Watches with a casual design feature both analog and digital faces, as well as adjustable straps. There is a wide range of casual watches to match any style. From sleek athletic designs to bold colors, casual watches fit any lifestyle.

  • Price range for men's casual watches: $10-$600
  • Price range for women's casual watches: $10-$400
  • Band material: Brass, fabric, gold plated, leather, plastic, resin, rubber, silicon, silver plated, stainless steel and sterling silver

Causal watches are best for...

Those who love to wear casual gear : Casual watches are just as comfortable as wearing casual clothing. Watches with a casual appeal wear well with jeans, sweatshirts and t-shirts.


Tech savvy people : Casual watches have a ton of fun features like alarms, calendars, stopwatches and more.


Outdoor enthusiasts : Watches that are water-resistant or have Velcro bands make the perfect outdoor watch. They can stand up to rain, sweat and other activities that you might encounter in the great outdoors.



Sport watches

Athletes prefer sport watches to any other type while training because these watches are made to give exact time measurements and can withstand physical activity.

  • Price range for men's sports watches: $15-$500
  • Price range for women's sports watches: $5-$50
  • Band material: Fabric, leather, plastic, resin, rubber and stainless steel

Athletic watches are best for...

Marathoners : Runners and other athletes will appreciate the stop watch, lap and split options.


Sports fans : Watches with team logos not only allow you to sport your favorite team memorabilia wherever you go. Some sports watches keep track of the team schedule without having to log onto the Internet.


People on the move : Athletic watches usually have a digital face, making it quick and easy to read the time no matter how fast you're moving. This is perfect for people who are constantly on the go and don't have time to waste.




Women's fashion watches

Some women's fashion watches come in bright, bold hues meant to match with the day's ensemble and others mimic dress watches for the up-scale appeal. Fashion watches range in price, material and style.

  • Price range: $10-$400
  • Band material: Brass, gold plated, leather, plastic, resin, rubber, silicon, silver plated and stainless steel

Women's fashion watches are best for...

Fashionistas : Fashion watches encompass all of the trendiest styles so that you're on top of your style game no matter what season it is.


Women who want the best of both worlds : Fashion watches are both functional and in-vogue. Women can wear the watches with outfits for work and play.


Budget-friendly watches : Women's fashion watches come in sophisticated styles that pass for top-tier brands, allowing you to purchase a watch that's within both your budget and style standards.




Children's watches

Watches for kids are made to fit your little one's wrist and style. Kids' watches feature some of your child's favorite characters and other appealing prints and patterns.

  • Price range: $10-$50
  • Band material: Fabric, gold plated, leather, rubber, resin and silver plated

Children's watches are best for...

Children learning to tell time : If you're trying to teach your little one to tell time, let them wear a watch so that they can practice outside of the classroom.


Fans of children's television shows : Children's watches feature some of the most popular children's television characters of all time. Give your child a character watch so your little fan can sport memorabilia wherever they go.

Holiday gifts : Watches for kids are a step up from dress-up jewelry because they're a functional accessory and can be worn to school or on a play date. The versatility of the watch makes it a great gift.





Bottom Line

Watches come in all different colors, styles and materials to fit everyone's personal taste and lifestyle. No matter what your budget is, finding the perfect watch is possible. Just decide which type of watch you want wear then choose the features that fit your daily needs. Finding the perfect watch is simple, and whether you're wearing it just for fashion or trying to track your athletic training process, the right watch will keep you on time and looking your best.


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