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How to Size a Wristwatch Band

Sizing your wristwatch band at home is simple and saves you a trip to the jewelry store. Metal watch bands that are too small should have links taken off so that the watch doesn't fall off of your wrist. Daily activities put your wrist through a lot of action, so make sure your watch is tight enough to stay on no matter how hectic your day is.

What you'll need:

  • Towel or old t-shirt
  • A pin pusher or similar tool
  • Long-nose pliers 
  • Small hammer or a screw driver with a rubber handle

Step 1: Decide how many links you want to remove from the watch.

Put the watch on and situate it so the face is centered perfectly on the top of your wrist. Pinch together the ends of the watchband so it fits securely on your wrist the way you want. You'll want to remove the excess links you pinched.

Tip : Account for even amounts of links so that your watch sits in the middle of your wrist.


removing links from your watch



Step 2: Lay your watch out flat on a table or work bench.

Place a towel or old t-shirt beneath it so that you don't accidentally dent your table.


resizing your wristwatch band

Step 3: Use your tiny pin pusher to press the pin out of the link about ¾ of the way.

Most watches have an arrow printed to show you the direction in which you should push the pin. If yours doesn’t have an arrow, push the side of the pin that has a rounded edge, not flat.

Tip : Make sure not to disassemble the clasps of your watch. Only remove the links between the face and the clasp.



using a pin pusher when risizing your watch

Step 4: Grab your long-nose pliers to pull the rest of the pin out of the link.

Once the pin is completely removed from the link, take it off along with the entire link.


pulling a pin from a watch band

Step 5: Repeat step 3 and 4 until your watch fits.

If you can, remove one link at a time from the each side of the band so that it has an even amount of links on both sides. Your watch should be loose enough for you to comfortably move around but tight enough that it doesn't slide all over your wrist.


resizing a wristwatch band

Step 6: Once all the links are removed, reattach the end of the band with the clasp.

Push the pin back into the hole so that the clasp is reconnected to the band. Pay attention to the arrow or look at the other pins on that side so that you don't push the wrong side of the pin into the link.


how to resize your wristwatch band