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How to Find Your Ring Size

Whether you're looking for an engagement ring or fashion jewelry to for an evening out, knowing your ring size is important. The proper ring size will sit perfectly on your hand without wobbling around or sliding off. Ring sizes range from 3 at 14 mm to size 13.5 at 22.6 mm. Don't assume that your ring from one hand will fit perfectly on its mirroring finger. The dominant hand usually has a larger ring size because it has developed more muscles. Heat also has an effect on ring size: too hot and your hand will swell, too cold and it will shrink. Make sure you're in a room that's at a comfortable, moderate temperature when you measure your ring size.

What you'll need:

  • A strip of paper or a string
  • Ruler 
  • Scissors 
  • Pen

Step 1: Cut a strip of paper or a piece of string.

Trim your strip of paper or piece of string so that it's small enough for you to easily handle and large enough to get an accurate measurement.


Step 2: Wrap the string or strip of paper around the finger that you want to wear the ring.

Do not overlap the string or paper; otherwise, your measurement could be too large.


Step 3: Mark the point where the paper or string meets on your finger.

This marking will indicate the end of the measurement so that you know how to measure it on the ruler.


Step 4: Place it on or next to the ruler.

Using your markings, measure the string or paper in millimeters so that you can easily find the right fit on the ring size scale.


Step 5: Find the measurement on the ring size scale.

Once the measurement is converted to your ring size, you can start shopping for a new ring.