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What are Bridal Sets?

What are Bridal Sets?


Bridal sets consist of an engagement ring and a matching wedding ring that are incorporated into the same design. You can also opt for a set where the rings are separate but still designed with a common theme in mind. When you pick a bridal set, you will enjoy the convenience of a one-time payment for one specific style. Some arrangements include the groom’s wedding band as well.

From size and color to the type of embellishment and precious stones used, bridal bands are available in a wide variety of designs. More often than not, wedding sets feature overlapping designs and one piece serves to enhance the other.

Benefits of Bridal Sets

  • Convenience - A bridal set offers both your wedding and engagement rings in one package.

  • Central theme - The uniform pattern in the engagement ring and wedding band is tied to one single theme, blending the two pieces beautifully together.

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