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What is a Carat?

A carat (ct) is a unit of weight used to measure diamonds and other precious gemstones. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams. As a diamond's weight increases, the cost increases, although this is not the only aspect to consider when looking for the perfect gemstone.

This unit of measurement is distinct from a karat, which is used to measure gold quality. Jewelry with more than one gemstone may have a total carat weight (tcw or tw) value rather than a single carat value. Gemstone weight is typically expressed in terms of fractions or decimal form rather than in whole numbers, a larger stones are exponentially more expensive and rare.

Facts about Carat

  • Earrings, tennis bracelets and eternity bands are likely to have a total carat weight rather than a single carat weight due to the fact they're comprised of multiple smaller diamonds rather than a single stone.
  • Carat doesn't refer to the size of the diamond but solely the weight of the stone. Be sure to consider the cut and type when looking for a precious gemstone.
  • Carat value is just one of the 4 C's that would influence the overall value of a gemstone. Also keep in mind a diamond's color, cut and clarity when you're looking for the perfect stone.