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What is Diamond Color?

A diamond is graded on the lack of color that it possesses. A completely colorless diamond is structurally pure and more valuable than a light yellow diamond that has a slight tint resulting from structural malformations. Light yellow gemstones or yellow diamonds are not the same as lavish colored diamonds, which are considered very rare and valuable with their vibrant colors like blue, gray, and canary yellow. The diamond color grade is one of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a diamond. Although you may not notice the differences with an untrained eye, it strongly affects the value of the diamond.

Just as white teeth are considered more beautiful than slightly yellowed teeth, colorless diamonds are considered more beautiful than light yellow diamonds, which have a lower color grade. Colorless options are highly valuable and quite rare, and their color scale ranges from D-F. Near colorless diamonds can be found within grades G-J, faint yellow K-M, very light N-R and light yellow S-Z.

Importance of Diamond Color

  • Color acts as a graded system for consumers and traders.
  • It creates a way to separate varying qualities of diamonds.
  • Knowing the color makes it easier to appraise the value of a diamond.