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What is Diamond Cut Grade?

Diamond cut grade is one of the four C's of diamonds, which include clarity, cut, color and carat weight. The cut doesn't refer to the shape, but it refers to how the facets are cut. A diamond with a good cut will have a high level of shine, as well as proportionate facets and parts of the diamond. If a diamond cut is too shallow or too deep, the reflective light will escape through the bottom or the side of the diamond. This takes away from the brilliance of the stone.

The Diamond Cut Scale Ranges

  • Excellent - Highly reflective and proportionately cut.
  • Very Good - Very reflective with well-cut facets.
  • Good - Most of the light that passes through is reflected back. The proportions are likely to be less ideal than higher-rated diamonds.
  • Fair - Light will start to reflect out of the bottom or sides. These diamonds tend to be small so that their lower shine is not as noticeable.
  • Poor - Noticeably dull to the naked eye. These diamonds are less proportionate, resulting in a less reflective stone.