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Finding a new cooktop can be overwhelming. Our guide has all the info make an informed decision.


When you're looking for a new cooktop for your dream kitchen, one of the most important questions to...

General Tips

Cooktop surface not heating up? Trust Sears Parts Direct to help you find a fix.
When your burners won't ignite, don't worry. Sears Parts Direct has some tips to fix the problem.
Spark igniter clicking? Don't stress, Sears Parts Direct is here to help.

Product Insights

These Bosch electric cooktops are sleek and feature SpeedBoost® which adds even more cooking power.
The new Kenmore gas cooktops are designed with a sleeker, more up-to-date look.
The recessed design and sealed burners on this new Kenmore Elite cooktop ensures easy cleanup.
The new Kenmore gas cooktops are designed with front-mounted knobs.