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Sears Knowledge Center



Automotive Basics

Cleaning and maintaining a car is not as difficult as you think. Learn how to detail and prep your ride for the road ahead.



There are many details to research when replacing an old car battery. Read how to select a new battery, or find tips for maintaining your current one.


Exterior Accessories

Transforming any ordinary car into a stylish ride requires different trim and parts. Find out which exterior accessories work best for your vehicle.


Interior Accessories

Your vehicle's interior can become littered with dirt and debris. Read which interior accessories can help protect the inside of your car.


Replacement Auto Parts

Anything from brake pads to headlights needs to be changed over time. Learn how to install these parts and which ones work best for your vehicle.


Tires & Wheels

Tires are one of the most essential components of a vehicle. Read which tires are best for your car, and discover ways to maintain them over time.


Towing & Hitches

If you're always hauling trailers, bikes and other items, you need sturdy gear to get the job done. Find out which hitches are required for your cargo.