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Working on a car requires extra muscle. Whether you're changing a tire, working on the transmission ...
Having good tires to grip the road is essential. Find out which models are best for your car.


Let's take a hard look at light truck & passenger tires and how they'll get you down the road.
Take a close look at the advantages and limitations of both steel and alloy wheels.
When you live in an area that experiences snowfall every year, it’s essential to have a durable set ...


Here's how to keep your tires inflated to the proper level to enjoy a smooth ride.
Don't let a flat tire deflate the whole day. Here are simple steps for changing your car's tire.
Here's an easy way to clean your tires and return your wheels to their original shine.
Take a look at how to check your tire pressure to keep your tires healthy and your ride safe.

General Tips

Learn how well your tires disperse heat and will handle driving at high temperatures.
Understand your tire's UTQG code and how it affects the vehicle's durability & performance.
Decipher your tire's date code and determine when it was manufactured.
Understand your tire's traction code and get the tires you need to handle the road with ease.