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Grills & Outdoor Cooking

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Looking for a new grill? Learn about the latest types and features you need this spring or summer.
Find out which type of grill grate is best for your cooking style with these helpful tips.
Smoked foods offer a flavor that's second to none. Read about the latest types of smokers & more.


The debate over charcoal and gas grills is an ongoing battle when choosing a grill. Some enthusiasts...


Smoky flavors can turn a whole meal around. Follow these easy steps to smoke meat properly.
Add amazing new flavors and aromas to your favorite cheeses with a little smoke.
Learn how to cook turkey with delicious smoky flavors using an electric smoker.
Nothing beats juicy rotisserie chicken on the grill. Follow these easy steps to get it done.

General Tips

Become a barbecue master this season with these 7 grilling hacks.
Before you fire up the grill for the 4th of July, here are some essentials you need for a fun bash.
Parties are just better outside. Learn which essentials you need to throw the best summer bash.
Cook up tasty dishes in the open air. Here are some tips for creating a cool outdoor kitchen.

Product Insights

Even if you have limited space, learn how you can still enjoy the fun and flavor of grilling.
Offering plenty of room to grill everyone's favorites, these grills are ideal for backyard use.
Combining style and performance, Kenmore Elite grills will heat up back yard cooking.
Treat yourself to the latest innovations in grilling from Kenmore.