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Car jacks give you room to get key mechanic work done. Here's some key info on each type.


Floor jacks and bottle jacks offer various advantages. Find out which one is best for your garage.

General Tips

Durable clothing and tools are essential for any job. Here are five sturdy pieces you need to try.
Check out the top 10 mechanics tools for 2018, and keep your ride rolling smooth.
Learn about the top tools any mechanic needs to fix and maintain a car.

Product Insights

Learn how to troubleshoot car problems and possibly solve them yourself with Craftsman code readers.
For quick, easy and accurate bolt tightening, these torque wrenches should be a toolbox essential!
Find out how these light-duty floor jacks can make equipment and vehicle repairs easier.
Find out how these heavy-duty floor jacks can make heavy equipment and vehicle repairs easier.