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Craftsman Pro Series Gas Chainsaws

Craftsman Pro Series Chainsaws

Craftsman Pro Series Gas Chainsaws

When compared to other Craftsman chainsaws, these Professional Series models feature tighter tolerances, better power-to-weight ratios and higher compression engines. What’s more, they are lighter and are rated to last 60% longer than standard Craftsman models.

Common Features and Benefits

Powerful Two-Cycle Engine: Delivers up to 9,000 rpm.

Chrome-Plated Cylinder Bore: This professional-level feature increases engine life and durability.

Chain Gauge: The 0.05 gauge is strong and lightweight and is designed to maximize cutting speed.

Chain Brake: Can stop the chain in a fraction of a second should you get a kickback from the saw.

Reduced Kickback: Helps stop the guide bar from reversing and kicking up and back toward you.

Onboard Scrench: Integrated storage with snap lock cover provides easy tool-less access to the chain tensioning tool.

Visible Fuel Level Window: Helps you keep track of the remaining run time.

Anti-Vibration Handle: Helps you cut steadily, smoothly and efficiently.

Automatic Chain Oiling: You don’t have to worry about chain maintenance.

Bucking Spikes: Help prevent the saw from jerking back and causing injuries (items #38180 and #38200).

More Fuel Efficient: Runs longer on a tank of gas when compared to standard Craftsman chainsaws.

Two-Year Warranty: Gives you peace of mind.

Product Specifications

16" Gas Chainsaw - #38160 18" Gas Chainsaw - #38180 20" Gas Chainsaw - #38200



Fuel Capacity


Oil Capacity




Check It Out

Always use the proper two-cycle mix (50:1) in these chainsaws. E10 ethanol fuel can be used in the mix, but anything higher (E15 or E85) will significantly compromise performance.

It’s important for you to use bar and chain oil when using the chain saw. We recommend Explorer bar and chain lubricant, #36556.

The bar tip should never come in contract with anything and you should never try to cut with the kickback sector of the bar.