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4 Chainsaw Maintenance Tips to Remember This Year

chainsaw maintenance tips

From trimming back dead branches to splitting your own firewood, chainsaws are a versatile lawn tool that make the cut in any homeowner's tool shed. But, like any other heavy power equipment, chainsaws require regular maintenance to ensure continually smooth operation. Here are a few tips on how to keep your saw cutting smooth.

Clean Cuts

If you notice it hasn't been cleaned, be sure to do so before taking care of that overgrown shrub out back. Remove the chain brake guard, and proceed to remove the chain and bar. Apply carburetor cleaner to these pieces, let it sit for 2 minuites and then wipe it clean. Repeat if necessary.

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Tune-Up Time

Make sure to get a new air filter, fuel filter and spark plug annually, especially if you use your saw more often. Most models house the spark plug and air filter underneath a cover on the top of the saw, and the fuel filter will be inside the fuel tank on its side.

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Well-Oiled Machine

Oil should be replaced every time you need to add more fuel. Use your owner's manual to locate the oil reservoir (usually found on its side). Using bar and chain oil, slowly fill the reservoir until it is nearly at the top. Replace the cap and be sure to clean off any remaining oil residue.

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Off the Chain

If you notice your cuts have become dull and difficult, it may be time to replace the chain. Begin by removing the bar and taking off the old chain. Wrap the new chain around the bar, but pay mind to the tension. You should be able to pull the chain off of the bar by no more than half of an inch. Reassemble the saw and test it.

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