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Craftsman 140cc Edger

Craftsman 140cc Edger

Craftsman 140cc Edger

Easily add the finishing touches to your landscaping projects with this edger from Craftsman. It helps remove weeds and trims grass that grows over sidewalks, patios, driveways and curbs, and you can choose from six cutting positions. Other features let you edge against street curbs and driveways, tidy up edges around flowers and shrubbery or perform deep root trenching.

Product Specifications

Craftsman 140cc Edger: #76266

140cc OHV Engine: Offers powerful performance and enhanced durability.

Auto Choke: Simply prime and pull the rope to start this unit.

9" Tri-Tip Blade: Heavy-duty blade easily cuts through grass and weeds.

Six Cutting Positions with Bevel Adjustment: Give members the versatility to edge in all areas, especially along garden beds and walkways or against curbs.

Trenching Kit: Provides deep root cutting and weed removal.

Two-Year Limited Warranty: For your peace of mind.

Check It Out

Edging too close to concrete and frequent friction with the blade will affect the performance of this edger. Be sure to check the condition of the blade and cutting wheel before every use. We advise changing the oil and cleaning the spark plug after the first 10 hours of use and then every 25 hours thereafter.