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Craftsman My Stride Mowers


Craftsman My Stride Mowers

Craftsman's self-propelled My Stride mowers will match you stride for stride as you mow the lawn, making smooth, automatic adjustments to follow your natural pace. It creates a relaxed, easy mowing experience that provides a nice outdoor walk!

What they Have in Common

Craftsman My Stride 159cc OHV Craftsman Front Wheel Drive Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Craftsman 21" 159cc OHV Craftsman Engine, My Stride Rear Drive Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Front-Wheel Drive Pace Control System - First to market with this intuitive system that makes lawn mowing more comfortable than ever (Craftsman My Stride 159cc OHV Craftsman Front Wheel Drive Self-Propelled Lawn Mower).

Auto Choke Starting - No need to prime the engine; you just pull the cord and mow at your perfect speed.

EZ Attach Bagger - You can empty the clippings and reattach the bag with no hassle.

21" 3-in-1 Precision Plus Cutting Deck - Provides great cutting performance while giving you the option to mulch, bag or side discharge clippings.

Dust Blocker Bag - Ensures that you will be protected from dust.

Matches Your Speed - Variable-speed mowers will match your mowing pace, ensuring a comfortable experience.

Craftsman 159cc OHV Engine - Heavy-duty parts wear better and last longer, while an overhead valve design runs cooler and cleaner.


How About That!

The My Stride Pace Control was designed with you in mind. Its intuitive drive control matches your most comfortable pace, while the ergonomic and natural control motion eliminates surging throttle on bumpy lawns or through turns.