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Craftsman EZ Features

Craftsman EZ Features

Craftsman EZ Features

What do we mean by EZ features? Simply put, these are features that help make it easier than ever for you to complete your projects. In fact, once you have the EZ experience, you may find yourself looking for EZ features wherever they’re available. And, whatever EZ product you choose, you can buy with confidence knowing that they are all built with the rugged durability of Craftsman!

EZ Walk™

The ergonomic, dual-trigger EZ Walk drive system gives you the ability to control your mower’s speed by using their left, right or both hands. The durable handles are designed for comfort and allow easy maneuverability when turning or going around obstacles. This system also offers variable speeds so you can match your pace to the job.

EZ Bagging

This feature offers the easiest bagging system in the industry. In fact, you can empty and replace bags with one hand! You simply lift the door so it locks in place. Then, follow the guides and replace the bag. The door closes automatically when you touch the presence control bar. Moreover, the Dust Blocker™ bag reduces the amount of dirt and dust as the bag fills with clippings.

EZ Store™

EZ Store lets you position the mower handle vertically to help reduce your mower’s footprint when in storage. You can also change the handle position to match your height. EZ Store also offers optimal bag removal, as the rear door remains open when the bag is removed, making bagging much easier than other models.