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How to Tune Up Your Lawn Mower

If you feel like your mower isn't running at full speed, it might be time for a tune-up. Whether you're having issues starting your mower, your grass is looking ragged or something just sounds off, there are a few simple things you can do to get your mower back into shape. You can prevent costly repairs and help lengthen the life of your equipment with a few easy steps. Just remember to consult your manufacturer's guide and warranty before starting any maintenance.

Change the Spark Plug

A new spark plug can make starting the mower easier and keep you from having to yank on the starting cord too many times. You'll only need a wrench and some elbow grease to change out the spark plug. Once you take out the old spark plug, use your air compressor or a can of compressed air to blow any debris away from the socket. Wait to put in the new spark plug until the rest of your tune-up is complete.

Replace the Lawn Mower Blade

Once the spark plug has been disconnected, you can go to work on the lawn blade. You'll know it's time to change the blade when your grass looks ragged after being cut, or when you can see that the blade is bent and dented. Consult your owner's manual to see what type of blade you need. Tip the mower on its side and carefully unscrew the blade. Clean around the blade seat to remove any debris and then screw on the new blade.

Clean the Carburetor

The carburetor is one of the most important parts of your mower. The carb combines gasoline and air, regulates the ratio of air to fuel and controls the engine's speed. A dirty carb will reduce your mower’s efficiency and cause you to use more gas than necessary. Cleaning it and replacing the needle will get your carb back into shape.

Replace or Clean the Air Filter

The lawn mower air filter sits over the carb opening to keep dirt and debris from entering the carburetor. If the filter is extremely dirty and heavily stained, it's time to replace it. Otherwise, you can clean the filter with some compressed air and place it back onto the mower.

Change the Oil

Changing out the mower oil will help your engine run smoothly and stay healthy. Check your owner's manual to find out what type and how much oil you'll need.

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