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Mower Showdown: Bagging vs. Mulching

Mower Showdown: Bagging vs. Mulching


As a homeowner, maintaining your lawn regularly can make your home the envy of the neighborhood. While there are many mowing techniques that can go a long way in making the grass look lush, there is one debate that rages on. Do you bag your clippings or mulch them with your lawn mower? Both these methods have great advantages and can keep your lawn looking beautiful all season. We've compared the pros and cons of bagging and mulching so you can make the best decision possible.




Extra time involvedLess time involved

Mowing Frequency

Less oftenMore often

Visual Appeal

Bagging leaves your lawn looking well-manicured without debrisMulching can leave your lawn looking a little messy with grass clippings


More laborLess labor


Advantages of Bagging

  • Convenience - Bagging is the process of collecting grass clippings while mowing. It is important to prevent clippings from clumping up on the lawn especially if the soil is damp.
  • Helps prevent browning - If the grass hasn't been mowed in a while, clippings can pile up and cause browning, which can cause long-term damage to a lawn. Bagging your clippings help ensure that this issue does not spread to healthy parts of your grass.

Limitations of Bagging

  • Time involved - Bagging can increase your time spent outdoors because you have to dispose of clippings. It can take time loading yard waste bags, especially if your town has weight requirements for collection.
  • Manual labor - Physically hauling the lawn mower's full bag to a compost pile or into the a yard waste bag for curbside pickup can be somewhat labor intensive.

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Mower with a Bag


Mulching Mower

Advantages of Mulching

  • Acts as a natural fertilizer - Grass clippings that are mulched back into the yard will keep your garden naturally fertilized by putting valuable nutrients back into the soil. This is a great option if you ever want to go green.
  • Efficiency - Mulching saves time as you don't have to stop and bag your clippings or worry about how to dispose them.

Limitations of Mulching

  • Frequency - It has to be carried out frequently because if the grass is too long, the clippings will clump up on the lawn, leaving it looking messy and eventually lead to browning.
  • Eyesore - With all the excess grass clippings, your lawn can look untidy. This is especially the case on the day after you mow.

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