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Mower Showdown: Corded vs. Rechargeable Mowers

Mower Showdown: Corded vs. Rechargeable Mowers


Keeping your lawn green and crisp doesn't have to mean increasing your carbon footprint. Corded electric and rechargeable mowers provide cutting power without the need for fossil fuels and oil. Along with helping the environment, you'll enjoy less maintenance and upkeep with an electric model. Let's take a look at both, so you can find the right one for your home.



Standard Deck Range


Ideal Yard Size

SmallSmall to medium

Front-Wheel Type

Fixed or castersFixed or casters


Continuous40-90 minutes per charge

Corded Lawn Mowers

Advantages of Corded Lawn Mowers

  • Continuous power - Plug in the cord and you can mow freely without worrying about your power source running out on you.
  • Perfect for small homes - If you have a small yard and home, these machines deliver power in a small machine that won't fill up your garage.
  • Reduced carbon footprint - No gas or oil means you'll be polluting less and helping your yard get even greener.

Limitations of Corded Lawn Mowers

  • Limited range - You'll be restricted to how far you can mow based on the length of your extension cord and outlet placement.
  • Eat up electrical power - Since these options are plugged into an outlet, they might spike your electric bill over time.
Man using a corded lawn mower

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Rechargeable Lawn Mowers

Woman using a corded mower in the yard

Advantages of Rechargeable Lawn Mowers

  • Perfect for medium-sized yards - Since there is no cord holding you back, the mower can reach far areas of the lawn that a corded model might not be able to reach without the help of an extension cord.
  • Reduced carbon footprint - Just like corded mowers, the lack of gas and oil means less carbon emissions.
  • No range restrictions - Without a cord, you can take your mower anywhere and everywhere to trim your lawn.
Limitations of Rechargeable Lawn Mowers
  • Limited running time - The charge held in a battery limits the amount of time you can spend mowing, and running out of charge means you have to wait to recharge.
  • Not ideal for large yards - Due to the restricted running time, you might not be able to tackle a larger piece of property during a full charge cycle.