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7 Simple Mowing Tips to Remember This Season

6 Simple Mowing Tips to Remember This Season

Keep your lawn healthy this season

There's nothing better than a lush, green lawn in summer. Plus, it can add loads of curb appeal. Cutting the grass takes time and energy, but there are some easy tricks to get the job done right. Here are the top lawn mowing tips to remember this season.

Keep Your Mower Height High

Cutting the grass too short, especially early in the season, will expose the soil, which can make for an unhealthy lawn. 

Shorter grass allows weed seedlings to flourish and leave your yard susceptible to drought or extreme temperatures, thereby blighting anything you worked hard to maintain.

Early in the growing season, keep blades at the highest or second height setting. In the late summer and fall, you can go shorter if you wish.

Don't cut your grass too short

Keep your lawn mower blades sharp

Sharpen the Mower's Blades Regularly

Sharp blades mean a clean cut. If the lawn mower blades become dull, they'll rip the grass unevenly, creating openings for pests and blight.

Plus, cutting over stones or stray branches can ruin blades over time. It's a good idea to remove and sharpen or change to new blades at the beginning of the season for top performance. You can also keep a spare in the shed for those days when you don't have time to sharpen.

Learn how to sharpen your lawn mower blades

Have Fun with Different Mowing Patterns

You know how that criss cross pattern on a baseball field shines? Using different mowing patterns also helps your grass grow healthier and straighter.

If you typically mow vertically, consider alternating to a diagonal pattern every other week. Mowing in the same direction with every cut runs the risk of creating ruts, which pave the way for weed infiltration.

Switch up your lawn mowing patterns

Recycle your grass clippings

Consider Grass-cycling

Occasionally leave some of your grass clippings on the lawn to serve as natural fertilizer. It's easy to do if your grass is at a shorter height.

These clippings help feed the grass below and helps prevent exposure to weeds and potential drought.

Water & Obstacles

Cutting wet grass isn't good for your grass or your mower. Make sure that at least the blades of grass are dry so you get an even cut, without tearing.

Also be sure to raise the deck on your mower when covering uneven ground and mow diagonally over any sloping areas. 

Pay attention to obstacles and slopes while mowing

Wear the proper lawn mowing clothing

Stay Safe

Remember to read your lawn mower's manual before you begin.

Wearing the right clothing, shoes and some sunglasses (or other eye protection) can make a big difference in preventing injuiries. Closed-toe shoes are a must, work boots are even better.

Also remember to remove any objects like tools or toys that might be on the lawn. In our experience, they can creep up on you. 

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