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Mower Showdown: Riding Mowers vs. Push Mowers

Mower Showdown: Riding Mowers vs. Push Mowers

Whether you're moving into a new abode or your old mower has finally kicked the bucket, finding a machine to keep your grass looking well-kempt is a must. So do you go with a riding mower or a traditional push mower? Both types offer great benefits and can keep your lawn manicured all season. Let's take a close look at both so you can find the right one for your yard.

Riding Mowers Push Mowers

Ideal Yard Size

LargeSmall or medium

Power Sources

GasReel, electric & gas

Required Maintenance

Typically moreTypically less




More versatile with attachmentsLess versatile

Riding Mowers

Advantages of Riding Mowers

  • Power - The large engine delivers serious power to tackle large plots of land, whether you're mowing, towing or working on another outdoor project.
  • Versatility - Snow blowers, tillers, aerators, carts and other useful attachments allow you to use your lawn tractor for more than just cutting the grass.
  • Convenience - Riders can make quick work of lawn chores and stay comfortable while doing them. The padded chairs and cup holders make you feel like you're driving a car, and the engine's power lets you cruise quickly through any mowing job.
Limitations of Riding Mowers
  • Maintenance - Since this type has more moving parts, it can require more regular upkeep to keep it running strong. Repairs can sometimes cost you more as well.
  • Price - Depending on the model, brand, fuel and other settings, you'll have to spend a considerable amount more than a push model.
  • Bulky size - The large size can take up a lot of storage space in your garage or storage shed.

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Pros & Cons of Riding Mowers

Push Mowers


Pros & Cons of Push Mowers

Advantages of Push Mowers

  • Various power sources - With manual, electric and gas models available, you can pick the right type of mower to fit your situation best.
  • Maintenance - This option has much less under the hood, making maintenance and upkeep much simpler.
  • Size - A push mower has a much smaller footprint, making it easier to store. Some even feature foldable handles to make them even more compact after you're done mowing.

Limitations of Push Mowers
  • Lack of versatility - The smaller size, engine and lack of attachments mean this machine only comes in handy for trimming the lawn.
  • Not best on larger lawns - Most types of push mowers are only built to handle about an acre to 1.5 acres of land.
  • Time - Pushing your mower around your lawn will take more time and effort to complete your any grass-cutting project.

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