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4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Lawn Mower

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Lawn Mower

Mower Considerations - Lawn Layout

Keeping a property looking lush and beautiful is easy with the wide variety of garden appliances at your disposal. Whether you're moving into a new home or looking for a much-needed upgrade, a lawn mower is one of the most essential tools for any homeowner. In order to trim the grass regularly and maintain a tidy yard, you need to have the right machine for the job. We've highlighted some helpful tips you should know when choosing a new lawn mower.

1. Consider the Size and Layout of Your Lawn

Large lawns have more area to cover, making a riding mower or self-propelled model ideal for this type of space. A wider cutting width allows you to save time, while mulching equipment can save you the trouble of manually collecting all the clippings.

A push mower is the best choice for smaller spaces. However, if you prefer the ease of a tractor, a zero-turn option will help you to mow around any bushes, flower beds or trees easily in a confined space. A medium-sized yard will accommodate almost any type of mower.

2. Consider Which Power Source You Need

A manual reel mower is extremely versatile and can work on different types of lawns, from sloping to curved designs. However, if you'd like something that can handle a bulk of the work, consider a machine that's gas or electric powered. A gas option is best suited for heavy-duty projects and provides exceptional versatility.

If you prefer a greener solution or don't want to deal with the regular maintenance that comes with a gasoline model, an electric mower might be best for you. While a corded mower can be restricted to smaller spaces, a cordless model is able to reach farther areas of your lawn.

Man mowing the lawn

3. Bagging or Mulching?

Many mowers are equipped with bags that collect grass clippings, helping you avoid any mess and making your lawn more appealing. However, if you're looking to a natural way to fertilize your lawn's soil, consider options with mulching capability.

The more basic models discharge the clippings as they are back onto the lawn. Excess pieces have to manually cleared and taken to a compost pit or placed in a waste bag for disposal.

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4. Safety First

Always make sure your mower is equipped with a blade-shutoff switch and deadman control. Both settings stop the blade from moving when you walk away from the handle. For manually controlled machines, it's important that the rope start is located within 24 inches from the handle or there's a 360-degree foot protection shield around the body of the mower.


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