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40-Volt Cordless Blowers


40V Cordless Blowers

Whether you're using these tools to spruce up patios, decks, sidewalks, driveways or garages, their cordless convenience will help make the task easier. Producing plenty of power, these 40-volt cordless tools will round up unwanted debris without messy cords or the need to mix gas.  

Common Features and Benefits

Cordless Technology: Offers convenience and powerful performance without gas or oil.

Fast Charge: Provides a full charge in 90 minutes or less.

Quiet Design: Lets you work earlier or later in the day without disturbing others.

No-Fuss Operation: Provides more efficient operation as well as better performance and durability.

Lightweight: Lets you comfortably use these tools for extended periods of time.

Product Specifications

Craftsman 40-Volt  Lawn and Garden Sweeper - #98021

2.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery: Offers a longer battery life and more run time than NiCd batteries.

Long Run Time: Provides up to 33 minutes of sweeping on hard surfaces.

Speed Control: Our members can choose from six speed settings for optimal power or run time.

Battery Status Indicator: Shows users how much power is left in the battery.

Four-Year Manufacturer's Warranty: Gives you peace of mind.

DeWALT 40-Volt Brushless Blower - #44889

40-Volt Battery: Delivers hours of long-lasting power, depending on the tool in use.

Brushless Motor: Provides more efficient operation as well as better performance and durability.

Powerful Blower: Delivers plenty of torque and maintains its cut speed under the load.

Lightweight and Compact Design: Offers control over the feed rate and is functional with large line diameters.

Variable-Speed Trigger: Lets you control the power so you can optimize their run time and output.

Includes 4.0Ah Battery: Provides up to 22 minutes of run time.

Fast Charge: Fully charges in 90 minutes.

Three-Year Manufacturer's Warranty: Also features a one-year free service and 90-day satisfaction guarantee.


Need to Know

A lithium battery will maintain its battery usage until the charge runs out, so a blower may stop abruptly when its charge is depleted. To monitor the power level, use its onboard battery status. Also, keep the battery charging when not in use. Charging won't damage the battery and will ensure that your blower is ready to use.