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Craftsman Universal Trimmer Attachments

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Craftsman Universal Trimmer Attachments

Craftsman’s universal attachments are compatible with all Craftsman attachment-capable gas trimmers, as well as most trimmers on the market. They give you the versatility to convert a gas trimmer into multiple yard tools.

Product Details

Craftsman Edger Attachment - #79240

7.5" Steel Blade - Provides excellent edging capability.

2" Blade Thickness - Durable blade provides long-lasting performance.

Up to 2.5" Adjustable Edging Depth - Can cut through your hard-to-reach areas.

3.75" Edging Wheel - Protects you from flying debris.


Craftsman Hi-Performance Blower Attachment - #79259

Up to 500 CFM (Cu. Ft. per Minute) - Produces powerful, superior performance to remove dust or debris from a variety of surfaces.

Concentrator Nozzle - Enables you to remove dust and debris from hard-to-reach areas and crevices.

Ergonomic Design - Low-to-the-ground design makes it easy for you to take the unit where the power is needed.


Craftsman Hedge Trimmer Attachment - #79249

22" Hardened Steel Blade - Gives you the durability and power to tackle any hedge-trimming job.

Dual-Action Cutting - Enables you to precisely trim hedges.

180-Degree Articulation - Lets you trim hedges in various angles.


Craftsman Pole-Saw Attachment - #79246

8" Bar and Chain - Effectively removes or trims branches in equal diameter to the bar.

Auto Oiler - Provides constant lubrication to the bar and chain to maximize cutting performance without having to stop for periodic oiling.

Extension Pole - Enables you to reach up to 11' away.

Screw Tensioning System - Provides you with less frequent adjustments.


Brush Cutter Attachment - #79244

8" Steel Blade - Will eliminate any brush or weeds its path.

4-Tip Blade - Designed to easily cut through dense brush and weeds.

Poly Guard - Effectively blocks you from wayward debris.

J-Handle - Provides you with enhanced control and added safety as you use the brush cutter.


Cultivator Attachment - #79241

8" Pro Tines - Durable tines give you superior cultivating capability.

5"-9" Tilling Width - Enables you to tackle various garden sizes in an effective, timely manner.

Heavy-Duty Gearbox - Provides supreme power and performance.  

Check It Out

For overgrown and straggly bushes, trees or shrubs, the Craftsman hedge trimmer and Craftsman pole-saw attachments are the answer. Any additional lawn needs - such as cultivating, blowing or removing brush - can also be best solved by using one of Craftsman’s universal attachments.

How It Works

To disconnect an attachment, simply unscrew the trimmer’s red knob until it’s loose, then push the button to detach the lower trimmer attachment. To connect, position and snap in your attachment, then tighten the trimmer’s red knob.

How About That!

Each of these universal attachments includes a storage hook. The storage hook makes it easy for you to properly store the attachments, as well as perform maintenance on them.