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Craftsman Gas WeedWackers

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Craftsman WeedWacker Gas Trimmers

The Craftsman 2-cycle gas trimmer lineup features a wide variety of choices from great values to featured-packed models loaded with Craftsman innovation. Moreover, all of these Craftsman 4-cycle gas trimmers require no mixing of gas and oil and produce fewer exhaust emissions.

Common Features and Benefits

Incredi-Pull Starting - Spring-assisted pull rope reduces the effort you’ll need to start the engine.

Aluminum Hassle Free Cutting Head - The cutting head is very durable and loads easily without hassle. Accepts .110" or .130" XQ spiral-shaped line that can be changed out in less than 15 seconds.

Speed Start Capability - Electric push-button starting with no pulling required (#71120, #73197).

Universal Attachment System - Converts your gas trimmer into multiple yard tools (#71119, #71120, #73197).

360-Degree Rotating Handle - Allows for multi-axis adjustment for superior control and comfort. It’s the most innovative and versatile handle in its class.

Product Details

Craftsman WeedWacker Gas Trimmer 25cc 2-Cycle Curved Shaft - #71137

Curve Shaft - Ideal for light trimming and edging.

Bump Feed Cutting Head - You just need to bump and go.


Craftsman WeedWacker Gas Trimmer 25cc 2-Cycle Straight Shaft - #71119

Straight Shaft — For extended reach, making it more comfortable if you are tall.

Three-Step Starting Process with One-Position Choke Lever — Makes starting easy for you - it reduces your starting steps from seven to three.


Craftsman 27cc 2-Cycle Straight Shaft WeedWacker Gas Trimmer - #71120

Two-Step Starting - Features a no-choke lever so you can start it by simply priming and pulling the rope or pushing the button.

Full Crank Engine - Provides reduced vibration and extended engine life.


Craftsman 30cc 4-Cycle Straight Shaft WeedWacker Gas Trimmer - #73197

4-Cycle Engine - No mixing of gas and oil, which produces a higher torque output. It is also better for the environment, thanks to lower exhaust emissions.  

Ask An Expert

Should I get a straight-shaft or a curved unit?

If you’re tall, a straight-shaft unit is preferable because it will be more comfortable and easier on your back. If you are average-height, you can use either, depending on the job(s).

How long will my unit last?

The average lifespan of a properly maintained trimmer is 6–7 years.

Can I use my old Ryobi attachments on this unit?

As long as it is 1" in diameter, you are good to go.

How About That!

You should always run the gas out of the engine at the end of the season and never use more than 10% ethanol. These small engines do not take well to ethanol and the unit could suffer damage.

Check It Out

Craftsman trimmers are balanced for optimal usage and cutting performance. Weight is distributed between the power head and lower shaft, so some trimmers might weigh less overall but more or less in certain areas, causing them to be uncomfortable.