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Easy Border Edging Ideas to Make Your Yard Shine

Easy Border Edging Ideas to Make Your Yard Shine

There are many ways to create a yard that stands out. Border edging is an excellent way to highlight your space while visually defining areas like flower beds and gardens. There are a wide variety of easy techniques that can create polished borders on your own. Even if you have a smaller yard or garden, this trick gives any outdoor space a pristine look with clean borders. Here are some landscape edging ideas that can give your yard more personality.

Mulch Edging

Mulch Edging

Experienced gardeners and landscapers know the value and versatility of mulch. Mulch edging is highly effective because it not only retains water, but it also can condition the soil throughout the year and prevent unwanted weeds from growing. Give your house's borders a beautiful flower garden using organic mulch for maximum nutrient storage. A two-foot organic mulch garden along your home can add a colorful touch to an otherwise ordinary space.

You can also use mulch edging to highlight trees, shrubs or other larger foliage with a layer of inorganic mulch. This method works particularly well for permanent plants that do not require much maintenance over the years or throughout the seasons.

Plastic or Wood Edging

You can also create physical borders with plastic strips or wood. This edging method is a simple DIY job, and it can be customized to fit your space perfectly. Low-profile plastic strips create a discreet look in a smaller yard to separate a garden from a lush lawn.

Using low-cut wooden timbers along the boundaries of your garden or grass can beautifully accent a yard. This option is a great choice when going for a rustic or traditional theme. The natural, wood finish blends in with any outdoor scene while giving a modern look. You can even choose the thickness of the timbers to best suit the size of your yard or appearance you want to achieve.

Stone Edging

Stone or Brick Edging

For an attractive look, landscaping stone or brick masonry edging provide a stylish and professional finish. You can easily pair this option with another method to keep costs down. For instance, highlight a central garden or flower bed with stone edging while using plastic strips or timbers on other areas throughout your space.

If you opt for bricks over stones, make sure their colors match to create a coordinated look. Bricks can be professionally cut to give your design scheme a more flush-to-the-ground appearance. Another option is to use full bricks along the border of your garden or bed, partially burying each one below the soil.