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Keep the Leaves: Why You Should Mulch Instead of Rake

Keep the Leaves: Why You Should Mulch Instead of Rake

Maintaining a garden involves the use of efficient methods to ensure a full bloom and healthy crop. Mulching is extremely beneficial for your lawn in more ways than one. Mulch is an organic or inorganic material that is placed as a protective barrier around your plants or over your soil. Here are a few reasons you should consider putting the rake down and use the leaves for mulching.

Leaves on grass

Moisture Retention

Mulching allows the soil to hold in moisture as it limits evaporation. This not only will benefit your plants, but it also can help you to save on your monthly water bill.

Weed Control

Mulch is an added barrier that prevents too much sunlight from hitting the soil and in turn stops the germination of weed seeds. Leafy mulch can keep pesky weeds from growing by blocking out excess sunshine.

Prevents Soil Erosion

The force of harsh weather elements like rain or winds can destroy the top layer of your soil. Leaf mulch is a protective layer that breaks the fall of water and keeps your top soil safe.

Digging soil

Maintains Soil Nutrition

Organic mulch decomposes and releases nutrients into the soil through the process. It also keeps important nutrients from being washed away by rain or water.

Pest Control

Mulch featuring leaves and bark contain natural oils that act as a repellant against bugs and other pests. The more fragrant the mulch, the stronger the effect on insects. When laying mulch, always make sure it isn't too deep. Deeper layers attract unnecessary pests. 


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