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Tips for Raking the Yard Like a Pro

Tips for Raking the Yard Like a Pro


For nearly 10 months out of the year, you love how all those beautiful trees look in your yard backyard. But when all the leaves fall in the autumn, it can be a pain to maintain. Whether you like it or not, though, raking the leaves is a must on the fall to-do list, especially if your property with has lots of trees. Don't sweat it this year! We have all the essentials tips to make raking the yard as simple as possible.

Fall Leaves on Lawn

1. Use a Sturdy Rake

If you are considering purchasing a new rake, be sure that is lightweight and comes with an ergonomic handle. This will help to avoid a constant strain on your back. A wide end on the rake will also help with collecting as many leaves as possible with each sweeping motion.

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Transport Your Leaves in a Tarp

Save time by raking your leaves on to a canvas cloth or tarp. Once the tarp is full, drag it to your main pile. This makes the entire process easier and more efficient. You can also directly rake leaves into bags that can then be taken to your mulch pile or a public disposal space.

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3. Dress Appropriately for the Job

Wear a heavy duty pair of gloves to keep your hands protected from blisters or dirt. A dust mask is essential, especially if you have allergies, as raking churns up a lot of dust in the air. Close-toed shoes will help to avoid any accidents that are common with sharp gardening equipment like rakes.

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4. Mulching is a Great Option

Mulching is an effective way to clean up your leaves. A better method is to bag the clippings, which then can be then used to fertilize your lawn. It’s a two in one process that will only benefit your garden over the months to come.

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5. Position Your Body in the Right Manner

Raking is quite a workout, so ensure that you maintain a good posture and switch your main hand as often as you can. If your yard is expansive, you can cover it in sections over a period of a few days. Always rake downhill and stomp on the piles once you’re done. This will prevent leaves from flying away with the breeze.

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