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Basic Lawn Care Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Basic Lawn Care Tips Every Homeowner Should Know


basic lawn care tips

Caring for your lawn requires a bit more than breaking out the mower each week. There are a few rules and tips every homeowner needs in their arsenal to help their lawn look great no matter the season. Following these tips will help you maintain a healthy lawn and keep you from having to work harder to correct easily avoidable mistakes. Keep these tips in mind as you begin and you'll have a full, green lawn in no time.


Change Up the Pattern

When you mow your lawn, the grass blades will lean the way that you mow. From week to week you'll want to switch up the direction that you mow. This will keep your lawn from looking flat and growing straight.

mowing pattern

trimming hedges

Maintain Trees and Bushes

Lawn care typically focuses on the lawn itself, but there are other factors that contribute heavily to your yard health. Low hanging branches and overgrown bushes can cause over-shading that make it hard to mow and can reduce the growth of the grass if it reduces the amount of time your lawn receives quality sunlight. Break out the pole saw to trim branches on heavily shaded grass to let it grow.

Go Slow

Mowing the lawn is typically a dreaded chore. Going fast won't save you much time since it will cause you to have to do more work later. Rushing your mow creates an uneven cut in the grass and leaves clumps if you're mulching.

mow slow

mow around obstacles

Trim Around Obstacles First

Before you begin mowing the rest of your yard, you'll want to mow a border around obstacles. Giving yourself room to turn and maneuver will save you time and keep you from accidentally mowing something you shouldn't.

Keep Your Head Up

Getting straight, clean lines when mowing won't happen if you're staring at the ground. It's best to pick a spot that you're walking toward and focus on that. Looking down will ultimately undo the tidy effect you're going for.

Let It Dry

Waiting for the morning dew to dry may push your chores until later in the day, but your yard will thank you. Wet grass lays down more, making it difficult to get an even mow. Damp grass also makes it more difficult to keep your footing and can be a safety hazard.

wet grass