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6 Lawn Tractor Attachments You Need This Season

6 Lawn Tractor Attachments You Need This Season

Tractor Cart

One of the biggest benefits of owning a lawn tractor is being able to use the powerful engine for a wide variety of lawncare projects. No matter the season, there are a number of tools you can connect to your riding mower or tractor to tackle big outdoor jobs. Here are some of the most essential lawn tractor attachments to consider for your machine.


Not every project is going to be close to home. Carts provide plenty of space to store your tools as you ride out to where you're working. You can easily haul your mulch, shovels and gardening tools so you don’t have to make extra trips. If you have a large yard, use one built for hauling garbage cans. Cart attachments save you time and energy with each use.

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tractor cart

tractor bagger


If you're not mulching your clippings and prefer to use a bag, there are some different styles to choose from. First you need to know how many bags you need. Most baggers come with either two or three bags. The bags can be either hard or soft. Hard bags make it easy to go from mower to the curb to be collected. Make sure to get the right bags based on the size of your lawn mower. The wrong size could make your mower unbalanced, giving you an uneven mow.

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Aerators & Dethatchers

A healthy lawn needs oxygen, water and fertilizer to reach the roots to promote grass health. Aerators and dethatchers can attach to your mower and work the earth to allow nutrients to reach the soil. Both of these tasks can require hours of hard manual labor, but you can simply hook these tools to your mower and knock out your lawn work in no time.

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aerator attachment

chipper vac

Chipper Vacs

Collecting sticks, leaves and other organic debris is an important pre-mowing task. Those leaves and sticks can be repurposed for your lawn with a chipper vac. These powerful tools allow you to vacuum up debris and chip it into useful mulch that returns rich nutrients to the earth. Some models even have attachments that can handle branches up to three inches in diameter.

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Shades & Cabin Enclosures

Mother Nature can take its toll on you while you're mowing. A sun shade is the attaches to your mower so you can stay a little cooler while you're working outdoors. Snow cabins provide protectino from wind, snow and rain when you're using your tractor in inclement weather.

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tractor shade

loading ramps

Loading Ramps

These aren't attachments, but they come in handy if you're a professional who takes their tractor on the go. Whether you're transporting it from jobsite to jobsite or taking it to the shop to be serviced, you'll need help getting it into your flatbed or trailer. A set of heavy-duty steel ramps will make it easy to load your tractor in and out of your vehicle with ease.

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