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DIY: How to Change a Riding Mower Tire

DIY: How to Change a Riding Mower Tire

Riding mower tires

Whether you popped a tire or the tread has simply worn down, you'll need to replace one of your lawn tractor's tires from time to time. Mowing evenly and delivering towing power requires tires with intact tread and even wear. Changing a riding mower tire is not as hard and time consuming as it seems. Here are some easy steps to tackle the job.

What You'll Need:

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Step 1: Lift up the Mower

Park the riding mower on a flat, even surface. Using your floor jack, place it on the frame of the tractor and raise the wheel of tractor you're changing off the ground. Once it's secure, slide the jack stands underneath to hold it in place.

Step 2: Remove the Wheel

Remove the debris cap from the tire. Once the cap is off, take your pliers and remove the pin on the wheel. Slide the wheel off the axle, and make sure to collect all the washers.

Step 3: Deflate the Tire

Remove the valve stem cap and press the needle down to let all of the air out of the tire. Once all of the air is out, use your valve stem tool to remove the valve core. Be careful in case you didn't get all the air out.

Riding mower being jacked up

Removing a tire from a riding mower

Step 4: Remove the Old Tire from the Rim

Take the paintbrush and apply a thorough amount of your dish soap and water solution where the tire and rim meet. This will help lubricate the area so the tire can slip off easily. Use the two large screwdrivers to pry carefully underneath, and work your way around the tire.

Apply more of the mixture around the opposite side and use the screwdrivers again to get the rim out of the center. Once the tire slips off, clean the rim with soap and water.

Step 5: Install the New Tire

Take your brush again and apply an ample coat of dish soap and water around the center of the new tire. When you start sliding the rim into the new tire, you'll need to pry the tire open some with the screwdrivers to get the rim to fit. Feel free to apply more soap and water mix, as needed.

Step 6: Inflate the New Tire

Once the tire is in place, put the valve stem core in place. Using your air compressor, carefully inflate the tire so that it grips the rim firmly. Check the tire pressure, and inflate the tire until it reaches the manufacture's recommended PSI range.

Step 7: Reinstall the Wheel

Replace any washers and the tire onto the axle. Then insert the clip or pin and finally the debris cap.

Step 8: Lower the Mower

Replace the jack under the frame and raise it until it's supporting the tractor. Carefully remove the jack stand before lowering the tractor back to the ground.

New riding mower tire