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Product Insight: Craftsman 3000 Series Riding Mowers


Product-Insight: Craftsman 3000 Series Tractors

These Craftsman® mowers are powered by sought-after Briggs & Stratton engines and offer foot pedal transmissions for easy operation. Plus, their large mowing decks cut more grass in less time. They also boast Smart Lawn technology, which lets you easily monitor your mower’s maintenance, order parts, check weather conditions and much more!


Common Features and Benefits

Briggs & Stratton Platinum Twin-Cylinder Engine: When compared to a single-cylinder engine, a twin-cylinder engine provides more power, durability and longer engine life as well as a smoother, more comfortable ride.

Reinforced Cutting System: Increases the life of the cutting deck with a strong, stamped design and upgraded belts and pulleys.

Foot Pedal Hydrostatic Transmission: Offers intuitive speed control and operates like an automatic car – you’ll never need to clutch or stop to shift gears.

Craftsman Smart Lawn: Uses Bluetooth technology so you can easily track mower maintenance, order parts, monitor weather conditions and more.

Cast Iron Front Axle: Handles the toughest terrains and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Large Mowing Deck: Helps reduce mowing time.

Fully Welded Frame: Ensures durability and lasting performance.

Ergonomic Steering Wheel: Helps reduce fatigue and features a soft comfort grip.

Cruise Control: Lets you maintain a consistent speed without holding the pedal down.

Four Deck Wheels: Add stability for a consistent mow in all lawn conditions.

Mow-In-Reverse Option: This quick two-step process keeps the blades engaged for continuous mowing while shifting into and out of reverse, saving time and effort.

Deck Wash: You can attach a garden hose to the deck to easily clean under it.

Product Specifications


T3100 20-HP 46" Riding Mower - #27333

Four Deck Wheels: Add stability for a consistent mow in all lawn conditions.


T3200 24-HP 54" Riding Mower - #27334

Nose Roller: Works with the deck wheels to protect the deck and blades.

Electric Power Take-Off: Easily engages the blades with an electronic switch.