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Craftsman Pro Series Riding Mowers

Product Insight: Craftsman Pro Series Riding Mowers


Craftsman Pro Series Riding Mowers

The Craftsman Pro Series lineup offers the best-in-class, highly-rated mowers with popular options such as Smart Lawn technology, power steering or pedal operation. And, all Pro Series mowers offer the durability and performance you expect from Craftsman.

Common Features and Benefits

Smart Lawn Technology: Uses Bluetooth® technology to send timely reminders on important mower care milestones to your smartphone. With the Smart Lawn app, you can order parts, follow weather conditions and learn how to perform maintenance on your mower.

Kohler 7000 Elite Series Engine: Powerful V-Twin engines run smooth and are comfortable to operate.

Foot Pedal Hydrostatic Transmission: An intuitive system that lets you operate your mower up to 5.5 mph by simply pressing a pedal like a car.

Durable Reinforced Deck: Increases the life of a cutting deck with a strong, stamped design and upgraded belts and pulleys.

Consistent-Cut™ Technology: Delivers the perfect cut, even in tall grass and over uneven, hilly or steep terrain.

Craftsman Smart App
Craftsman Pro Riding Mower

(TTE) Technology: Turn Tight Extreme®The tightest turning radius in the industry (5") for exceptional maneuverability around obstacles as it maintains consistent traction and reduces turf tear (#27042, #27044, #27039, #37055, #37047).

12 Different Cutting Heights: Can be adjusted from 1" to 4" on a spring-assisted lift system.

Full-Welded Frames: Provide lasting performance.

Electronic Power Steering: Similar to a car, it significantly reduces the steering effort. Offers 40% easier steering than other Craftsman models without power steering (#27039, #27047).

Cast-Iron Front Axle: Backed by a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

High-Back Seat: Helps reduce stress and fatigue, especially when you’re mowing for longer periods of time.

Key Features
#27042 #27044 #27039

Turn Tight Extreme

Turn Tight ExtremeTurn Tight Extreme

Electronic Power Steering
Step-Up Features

Heavy-Duty Transmissions: Upgraded transmissions for utilizing ground-engaging attachments. (#27055, #27048, #27047).

Deep-Domed, Curved Design Deck: Produces optimal airflow for excellent cutting performance. (#27048, #27047).

Rear Differential Lock: Provides equal power and traction to both rear wheels for optimum performance in all weather conditions and cutting terrains (#27048 online only).


#27055 #27048 #27047

Turn Tight Extreme

Turn Tight ExtremeTurn Tight Extreme

Electronic Power Steering

Electronic Power Steering

+ Heavy-Duty Transmissions

+ Heavy-Duty Transmissions+ Heavy-Duty Transmissions

+ Deep-Domed, Curved Design Deck+ Deep-Domed, Curved Design Deck

+ Rear Differential Lock

Craftsman Pro Riding Mowers

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Using a bagger to collect clippings will greatly help you maintain a healthy and beautiful lawn. You can choose from the #24019 Double Bagger or the #24080 Triple Bagger.