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Craftsman Wood/Resin Composite Storage Building

Craftsman Wood/Resin Composite Storage Building

Craftsman Wood/Resin Composite Storage Building

This is the world’s first do-it-yourself wood and resin composite storage building. With
its stylish, professional look, you’ll be amazed to find out that it’s also easy to
assemble. Moreover, by combining the natural beauty of wood with the strength and
rigidity of resin and steel, you can get the best of both worlds.

Product Specifications

7.5' x 9' Storage Building - #65088

Strong, Durable Construction: Double-walled and rib-reinforced wood and resin
composite panels are paired with steel reinforcements for extra strength and rigidity.

Weather-Resistant, Zero Maintenance: Won't rot, dent or peel; no varnish or
paint is required.

Drillable Walls: Provide extra mounting options.

VersaTrack Compatible: Helps you maximize your storage space.

Full-Length Skylight and Windows: Offer plenty of natural light.

Eco-Friendly: Components are made of residual wood fiber and recycled resin.

Ask An Expert

Does it matter where I place the shed?

A shed takes up a lot of yard space. Unless it’s located away from the house, a shed has a huge effect on your outdoor environment. Ideally, the shed should have a pleasant appearance and a design that blends seamlessly with the house and backyard, especially when it can be seen from a leisure area. Also, before assembly, make sure that you check your local building codes and requirements.

Can I assemble it by myself? How long does it take?

The shed can be assembled in approximately 4-5 hours with an electric screwdriver and a ladder. All panels are pre-cut, pre-drilled and have easy-to-assemble tongue and groove components. All the screws and hardware are included, plus step-by-step instructions.

How durable is the shed in extreme weather conditions?

The shed is designed to stand up to extreme weather conditions. It can support 20 lbs. or two feet of snow and is UV protected and rainwater resistant.

Can I paint the shed?

Paint and varnish are not needed, but you can apply them to match the color of your house. We recommend consulting with your local hardware store paint professionals to select the appropriate painting material.

How About That!

Due to the high wood content in the wood-plastic composite, the shed may contain a number of color shades and may change its color over time. This will have no effect on the shed's resistance to rot and decay, and the shed doesn't require any special treatment. Wood plastic composite panels are rigid, but can be damaged by impact, so be sure to handle them with care during assembly.