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Craftsman Riding Mower Snow Attachments and Accessories

Craftsman Riding Mower Snow Attachments

Craftsman Riding Mower Snow Attachments

No matter what type of snow is falling, these powerful mower attachments won't let snow get in your way. Easy to install, operate and maneuver, the snowblowers and snow blade will work fast to clear your driveway all season long! Moreover, the snow cab enclosure will help keep you warm, dry and comfortable as you work.

Common Features and Benefits

Flexible Operation: Quickly and easily removes all types of snow.

Simple Adjustments: Allow you to move snow to your desired locations.

No-Fuss Installation: Helps you tackle the job fast and keep up with the snowfall.

Easy High-Impact Part Replacement: When the skid shoes or scraper bar wear out, there's no need for you to replace the entire unit. This saves you time and money.

One-Year Manufacturer's Warranty: Provides you with peace of mind.

One-Time Mounting Brackets: Once installed, you are done for the life of the product - a huge time saver.

Product Specifications

50" Two-Stage Snow Thrower - #25840

Electric Lift: Allows you to easily raise and lower the chute with less strain and energy.

High-Speed Impeller: Forcefully throws snow up to 50' away, far from driveways.




42" Two-Stage Snow Thrower - #24837

Convenient Handle Controls: Provide you with the ability to adjust the pitch and rotation of the chute as well as the height of the attachment, all from the tractor seat.

High-Speed Impeller: Forcefully throws snow up to 50' away, far from driveways.




14" x 42" Snow Blade - #24441

Convenient Handle Controls: Lets you easily lift, lower and pivot the blade without leaving the comfort of your seat.

Also available in a 48" model (#24414): Clears larger areas faster.




Snow Cab Enclosure - #24276, #24277

All-Around Enclosure: Helps you stay warm, dry and comfortable.

Windshield: Clear, shatterproof, non-fogging Lexan® window provides optimal visibility.

Tear-Resistant Vinyl Construction: Provides lasting durability.

Easy-Access Side Pockets: Makes it easy for members to maneuver the snow attachment.


Check It Out

These Snow Cab Enclosure attachments fit all Craftsman riding mowers and garden tractors.