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Universal Attachment Tractor Dethatcher

Universal Attachment Tractor Dethatcher

Universal Attachment 48" Dethatcher

The Craftsman 48" rear-mount lawn dethatcher gently brings matted layers of thatch and large clippings to your lawn's surface to allow water, air and nutrients to reach the roots. This will promote a lush, green, healthy lawn.

Product Specifications

48" Dethatcher - #24310

Universal Fit: This attachment will fit any brand of tractor with a hitch pin.

24 Heat-Treated Tines: Remove thatch to promote a greener, healthier lawn by allowing water, air and nutrients to reach the roots.

Weight Tray: Provies a convenient location to add additional weight for deeper penetration into the soil.

Transport Wheels with Lift Handle: You can easily raise and lower the dethatcher from the seat.

Ask An Expert

Why do I need a dethatcher?
After years of mowing over dead grass clippings, the clippings will build up over time, which reduces the amount of water and nutrients that reach your lawn’s roots. A dethatcher will fix the problem and give you a greener, healthier lawn.

How About That!

Dethatching is a vital component of lawn care. For example, golf courses all over the world use dethatchers to help cultivate lush and healthy lawns.

Check It Out

To prolong the life of your dethatcher, be sure to store it in a protected location. Indoor storage will help increase its longevity by many years.