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7 Tips to Get Your Kids Ready for the School Year

7 Tips to Get Your Kids Ready for the School Year


With another school year around the corner, it's time to get back into the swing of things. For the little ones, it means waking up early, doing homework every night and a daily routine Monday through Friday. Instead of having an abrupt start, you can make the transition even smoother by starting the preparation now. Here are some quick tips to help your kids get ready for the school year.

Child doing homework

Create a Workstation

A designated space for homework and projects can help your children concentrate. Create the right kind of environment with a desk, featuring shelves to organize all their books and supplies. If you have older children, set up a desktop or laptop computer so they can type up papers, access school assignment or browse the internet for research assignments. Aside from school work, they can also use this space for art projects, games or reading.

In order to avoid distractions, make sure to set this space up away from the television or toys. The goal is to keep them focused on the tasks at hand.  

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Make a Sleeping Schedule for the School Year

After countless hours studying, playing with friends and doing homework, kids need plenty of rest to rejuvenate for the next day. Of course, sleep also is very important for a child's development and can positively impact their performance in the classroom. Post a schedule each week with specific sleep times that they can follow to stay healthy and focused. Create a hardcopy schedule, and post it in their bedrooms so they know when to hit the hay. If your children are older, you can set up reminders through a shared calendar on their cell phones.

Keep School Supplies Organized

School supplies can get out of order as your kids get deeper into the school year. There are many ways you can keep materials organized efficiently. A desk organizer with multiple compartments is ideal for holding things like pens, pencils and markers. Consider using small baskets or organizing cubes as well to hold these small items that can get lost in the shuffle. These storage solutions help prevent clutter in their workspace and make finding supplies easy.

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Prepare Healthy Meals & Snacks

One of the biggest steps to balanced growth is the right nutrition. Ensure your kids are eating healthy by packing healthy lunch boxes for school. Regulate the amount of fruits, veggies or protein your children eat every day by packing containers that control their portions. You can even prepare healthy snacks for when they get home, so they aren't tempted to grab sweets or chips from the pantry.

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Kids playing video games

Schedule Some Playtime

There's time for work and time for play. Learning how to maintain the two helps teach your kids about healthy work-life balance. Schedule some leisure time in their schedule for outdoor activities, video games and television. You can even use this as a reward to motivate your kids to get schoolwork or chores done on time.

Set Up an Area for Backpacks & Shoes

A shoe rack and cubby not only help keep your children's rooms tidy all year long, but they also neatly arrange their backpacks and shoes when school is in session. Organization can influence your children greatly, giving them a clean environment to work and play in. Remember this: if they're rooms are clean, it might encourage them to keep their school lockers clean too.

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Establish a Regular Wake-Up Time

Instill the significance punctuality in your kids at an early age.  Wake them up at consistent time every day so they can get into a comfortable routine. Aside from flicking their lights on and off every morning, set an alarm clock on their nightstand. A cute design featuring favorite cartoon characters or wacky colors is great way for younger children. For older kids, choose a more sleek design or style to suit their personalities.  When you establish a wakeup time, make sure they have plenty of time to get ready and sit down to breakfast before heading out the door.