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5 Essential Grilling Tools

With the warmth of the summer sun on your back and the heat of the charcoal grill in front of you, outdoor grilling serves up the tastiest summer foods. With a few standard grill accessories and one or two unique grilling tools, you can be the grill master that impresses all of your friends.

Because the heat of outdoor cooking can be more intense than cooking on a stovetop or in an oven, you'll want to make sure to have utensils that are designed for grilling. When you're choosing grilling tools and accessories, make sure to look for utensils and other gear made of materials like stainless steel or silicone that can withstand the high temperatures of the grill.

Grill tongs

These convenient utensils will be your most-used grilling accessory. From placing meat and vegetables on the grates to removing finished food from the grill, tongs are the ultimate tool. Grill tongs are longer than standard kitchen tongs and durable enough to with stand the heat of the grill.

Food thermometer

Whether you choose a digital or non-digital thermometer, these devices can help you determine the doneness of your food with ease. Instead of cutting into that perfect steak, pork chop or chicken breast and potentially draining all of the delicious juices from the center, use a meat thermometer to take the internal temperature of your food. Use your grill tongs to hold the meat as you poke the thermometer through the side and into the center to test the temperature.

Grill spatula

When you're flipping burgers or delicate fish, you want a reliable metal spatula that can easily slide underneath food items without damaging the presentation of your meal. Grill spatulas have long, sturdy handles that will help you flip and move food around the grill.

Basting brush

A grill basting brush with silicone bristles can endure the heat of the grill when you're greasing the grill grates prior to cooking or adding sauce during the last 10 minutes of grill time. The bristles will hold juices, oils and sauces for basting, and the silicone material can be exposed to temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Grill brush

The grill brush is necessary for cleaning your grill grates every time you cook. With metal bristles, often made of brass, a grill brush can easily remove stuck-on food particles. You can even use the grill brush right before you cook again to ensure that you are putting food on a clean grill.