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5 Essentials to Make Your Memorial Day BBQ a Hit

Grilling Food Outside

Memorial Day is just around the corner, and that means summer is almost here. Celebrate with family, friends and neighbors with an old-fashioned cookout. Before you fire up the grill, make sure you have everything you need to throw a bash that everyone will talk about all summer long. Here are five essentials that are a must for your Memorial Day BBQ.


1. Grilling Equipment

The right grilling equipment is an important part of your outdoor collection. Whip up some delicious burgers and hot dogs, or grill juicy steaks to perfection with an efficient gas or electric grill. You can choose a model that suits your requirements and is easy to store during the winter. Parties are all about the food and if you have the right tools, your master chef skills will be a big hit with both, the kids and the adults alike.

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2. Patio Seating

It's nice to sit down and enjoy the summer sun with some refreshing drinks and scrumptious food in the backyard. That's why comfortable seats are essential for a Memorial Day BBQ. The latest patio furniture is not only comfy, but it also helps transform the look and feel of your yard. Choose tables and chairs that fit in with your decor and are made of materials to withstand rough weather conditions. Plastic sets can be moved around and placed anywhere in the garden but heavier models made from wood or steel will have a fixed spot outside. 

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Outdoor Lighting for Memorial Day

3. Outdoor Lighting

The right outdoor lighting sets the mood for many nights of laughter and joy. Lights play an important role in creating the perfect ambience, especially if your Memorial Day BBQ goes well into the evening. You can place lanterns along the walkway to give your home an inviting, cozy look. Try positioning colorful lamps across the garden to accentuate your lovely decor. You can also hang a string lights above the patio to bring some light and old vintage charm into your outdoor space. 

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4. Outdoor Decor

Transform your home into a magical place that will be ready to host a great gathering. Before setting up your bash, make sure to sprinkle different outdoor decorations throughout the yard. Stylish or whimsical lawn ornaments can spruce up your lawn and patio. Pick colorful cushions to brighten up furniture, or add gorgeous planters to your windows facing the garden. Fountains and statues enhance almost any yard decor, creating an elegant touch to your property. 

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5. Tableware

Take your hosting skills to the next level with stylish tableware for your party. Stock up on sophisticated barware, such as cocktail glasses, bottle openers and cute mugs, to enjoy everything from beer to coffee. Make sure you also have sturdy and chic dishes and serveware to enjoy delicious food.

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