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Kenmore Elite Gas Grills

Kenmore Elite Grills

Kenmore Elite Gas Grills

This year's new Kenmore Elite® grills are packed with great features and boast a stunning design. They're as durable and reliable as they are beautiful. Each grill is expertly crafted using high-quality components -- like stainless steel burners and deluxe cooking grates -- plus innovative convenience features that make outdoor cooking easier and more enjoyable than ever.

Common Features and Benefits

Even Cooking: Designed and tested to ensure cooking is evenly distributed across the grilling surface.

Individual Electronic Ignition: Easy, fast and reliable.

Stainless Steel Grates: These tough grates are 8mm thick and made of solid stainless steel. They’re also rust resistant and ideal for cooking a variety of food

Under-Hood Lights: Enable you to grill after the sun sets.

Pull-Out Tank Tray: Makes it easy for you to access and replace the propane tank.

Cool Touch: All touch points (handle, control panel, knobs and side shelves) of the grill have been designed and tested to meet strict temperature requirements.

Temperature Gauge: Measures the heat inside the grill, assuring you’re grilling at the recommended heat.

Trade-Up Features*

Size: Three-burner grills can cook up to 23 hamburgers, four-burner grills can grill up to 24 and five-burner grills can accommodate 28.**

Side Burner: Adds cooking flexibility by offering simmering, boiling, heating or cooking. Great for preparing non-grilled foods, such as sautéing vegetables.

Searing Side Burners: Searing burners burn at extreme heat -- up to 1,200°F. They're ideal for searing the outside of meat before being put on the main grill so the inside remains juicy.

Rotisserie Burner and Kit: Rotisserie cooking provides even roasting for juicy, flavorful meats.

LED Backlight Controls: Illuminate the control panel for easier nighttime grilling and a stylish look.

*Not all trade-up features are available on all models. See the chart below for full details.

Product Specifications

Kenmore Elite 3-Burner Grill: #48588 - Stainless Steel Kenmore Elite 4-Burner Grill: #48589 - Stainless Steel Kenmore Elite 5-Burner Grill with Rotisserie: #48591 - Stainless Steel


643 Sq. In. Total -- 23 Hamburger Patties**694 Sq. In. Total -- 24 Hamburger Patties**772 Sq. In. Total -- 28 Hamburger Patties**

Total BTUs

45,00064,00012,000 Each

Main Burners

15,000 Each13,000 Each12,000

Side Buner


Side Searing Burner


Rotisserie Burner



8mm Stainless Steel8mm Stainless Steel8mm Stainless Steel


Individual Burner Electronic Ignition SystemIndividual Burner Electronic Ignition SystemIndividual Burner Electronic Ignition System


2 Under Hood2 Under Hood LED Backlit Control Panel2 Under Hood LED Backlit Control Panel

Pull-Out Tank Tray


Front-Access Grease Tray


Gas Gauge


Self-Closing Cabinet Doors



Sold SeparatelySold SeparatelyIncluded

Other Colors

#48587 - Carbon Gray#48593 - Carbon Gray#48590 - Carbon Gray

Check It Out

These Kenmore grills are equipped to operate on both LP and natural gas. The dual fuel system delivers flexibility so you can get the grill fired-up fast. Conversion kit #34562 sold separately.