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Product Insight: Popular Kenmore Grills


Popular Kenmore Grills

Whether you're grilling for a small crew or large gathering, Kenmore has you covered. All of these backyard grills are designed to cook evenly and a built-in temperature gauge lets you monitor the heat levels so you can grill to perfection.

Stainless Steel Burners: Super durable material lasts longer than steel burners.

Number of Burners: You can choose from two to five burners to match your grilling needs.

Side Burner: Side burners and side searing burners add cooking flexibility by offering searing, simmering, boiling, heating or preparing non-grilled foods, such as sautéing vegetables.

Temperature Gauges: Measure the heat inside the grill so you can check to see if you're grilling at the recommended heat.

Even Heating: Designed and tested to provide even heat across the entire grilling surface.  

Product Specifications

Kenmore 4-Burner
All Stainless Steel
Gas Grill: #33492
Kenmore 4-Burner
Gas Grill: #34611:
Kenmore 4-Burner
Gas Grill:
#46366 (Red)

Primary Cooking Area

20 Hamburger Patties* (622 Sq. In. of Cooking Space)20 Hamburger Patties* (569 Sq. In. of Cooking Space)20 Hamburger Patties* (569 Sq. In. of Cooking Space)

Main Firebox BTUs


Bonus Burners

Side Searing BurnerSide BurnerSide Searing Burner

Side Burner BTUs


Cooking Grates

Stainless SteelPorcelain-Enameled


Dual Valves for
Conversion to
Natural Gas
Steel Shelves
Swivel Casters

Other Colors

#46365 (Mocha)

Ask an Expert

How do I clean the cooking grates?

After grilling, turn the grill to high for 10 to 15 minutes. Let the grill cool down, then brush the grilling surface with a non-abrasive brush. These will not scratch the porcelain coating found on many of the cooking grates.

How does a searing burner work?

Searing burners burn at extreme heat, up to 1,200 degrees F. Any drippings will instantly be evaporated once it hits the burner, which prolongs the life of the burners.


*Based on standard 4.5" patties.