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Types of Grill Grates

Types of Grill Grates

Types of Grill Grates

If you're an avid chef, you know that small changes can make a big difference in the flavor of your food. Different heating systems, materials and ingredients combine to make a unique mouthwatering flavor. Whether you use charcoal, gas, wood or electricity to fire up your grill, the right grill grates can boost the ease of grilling and maximize the flavors of your meals. Whether you need replacement grill parts for your appliance, or you want to upgrade to a new type of grill grate, you'll want to find out which option is best for you.


Types of Grill Grates

Stainless Steel

Most grills come with standard stainless steel grates. These grill grates are rust-resistant and are great for cooking a variety of food.

  • Durability - If properly maintained, stainless steel can last for countless BBQs.
  • Low maintenance - These grill grates are extremely easy to clean & won't hold onto charred food. 
Stainless Steel Grilling Grate

Cast Iron Grilling Grates

Cast Iron

Cast iron grill grates offer a reliable and sturdy surface with a classic appeal. Cast iron is a heavy-duty metal that delivers a fast sear and a non-stick surface.

  • Meat - Cast iron heats quickly and evenly to give you the perfect surface for searing chicken, fish and beef.
  • Heat retention - This metal holds heat longer than other grates, which will help you get those classic grill marks.  

Porcelain Coated

Porcelain coating is popular with kitchen cookware, and this durable coating has found its way onto grill grates, as well. Cast iron & steel grates are both available with porcelain coating. While rust-resistant, porcelain is more delicate than bare metal, so be sure to handle it gently to prevent chipping.

  • Added durability - The coating will add an extra layer to the metal, protecting it from food and corrosion. 
  • Easy cast iron grilling - A porcelain coating provides easy use of cast iron, as it delivers the heat retention without the maintenance of bare metal. 

Porcelain-Coated Grilling Grates