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4 Easy Waterfall Designs for Your Backyard

4 Easy Waterfall Designs for Your Backyard

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When you're landscaping your backyard, a tranquil water fall is a great way to add even more calm to your oasis. With a few backyard waterfall ideas, you'll be on your way to fashioning the most stylish, one-of-a-kind yard in your neighborhood. Use these backyard waterfall designs as a starting point to construct the backyard of your dreams.

Pond Waterfall

If you plan on building a garden pond or you have one already, consider add a home-built waterfall. By installing a pond pump and building a raised space for the water to flow down from, you can easily design a large, beautiful waterfall with natural appeal. Use large stones to construct the raised space. You can structure the stones so you get a waterfall that pours straight down a single cliff or a waterfall that flows down several small levels.

backyard pond waterfall

standalone waterfall

 Standalone Waterfall

You can purchase a premade waterfall or fountain that has the look you want without the hassle of building a waterfall from scratch. Add one of these fountains as a focal point in a small backyard or place one in the center of your garden for aesthetic appeal. You'll relish the sound of running water and the picturesque look of your new decor.

Pool Waterfall

If you have a built-in pool or even a hot tub, you can create a stunning focal point by adding a waterfall that pumps chlorinated water from your pool to the top of a small cliff and runs back down into the water. With a pool waterfall you can stand under or near, you'll love retreating to your pool, and guests will be awed by your man-made tropical haven.

pool waterfall

waterfall with flowers

Waterfall Surrounded by Plants

Once you build or install a waterfall, you'll want to add life and greenery to the flowing water. If you have a pond waterfall, create a secret garden full of flowers, shrubs and other plants that can enclose your waterfall and pond from the outside world. Allow climbing plants to enshroud a prefabricated waterfall fountain so it looks like a natural part of your garden. Plant lush foliage along the sides of your pool waterfall, but avoid delicate flowers and plants that the chlorine might harm when water splashes.