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A Beginner's Guide to Buying Planters

Plants can liven up any home inside or outside. Planters come in a wide selection of styles that accentuate your flowers and vegetation. They can be placed on a windowsill, around the border of your patio or on a bookshelf in the living room. From simple terracotta pots to chic, colorful boxes, you can choose designs that specifically to match your interior or yard. Here are some types and features to consider when you're landscaping or decorating your home.

Types of Planters

Freestanding Planters

Freestanding plant holders are traditionally stand-alone designs that can be placed anywhere on the property. You can opt for different materials including wood, wrought iron, steel or plastic.


  • Lightweight - Plastic or terracotta is lightweight and easier to move around than brick or stone.
  • Various designs - Add a dash of charm to an outdoor garden with large, bright flower pots or choose wooden boxes for a more rustic look. No matter what style you prefer, there are designs that suit any space perfectly
  • Small spaces - Freestanding planters are ideal for compact areas like apartment balconies and small patios. 
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Hanging Planters

This type of planter draws a person's attention up rather than down, and it's suspended from a ceiling, wall, fence post or pole. This option is used typically used to hold flowering plants that grow and hang over the edges of the container.


  • Space-saving - Vertical gardening is a great way to utilize limited space and increase productivity.
  • Visual appeal - A hanging plant holder is both eye-catching and creates a visually appealing atmosphere indoors or outdoors.
  • Covers up eyesores - This type of planter helps disguise unattractive elements like a boxy air conditioner or a small compost bay.
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Tabletop Planters

A tabletop planter is smaller in size and can be used as table decor in your living room, kitchen or for any flat surface in the house. This flower pot is available in a beautiful selection of designs that serve as an amazing interior design option.


  • Various shapes - These are available in a wide selection of styles and shapes, so you can choose everything form stand-alone oval pots to rectangular-shaped boxes that hold many plants.
  • Ideal for indoors - Beautify an indoor space with cute tabletop plant holder that complements your existing color scheme. For indoor usage, remember to select one that's watertight to avoid damaging tables or other furniture.
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Window Boxes

A window box is a rectangular planter usually made of metal, fiberglass, wood and vinyl. This type of flower pot is typically placed horizontally under an accessible window.


  • Accentuate windows & siding - You can highlight your home's exterior by adding beautiful plants and flowers that are stored in stylish.
  • Growing herbs - Mount these planters outside your kitchen windows and grow fresh herbs that can be used in your day-to-day cooking.
  • Space-saving - Window boxes help you to save space and ensure that plants get enough exposure to an adequate amount of sunlight.
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What to Consider When Buying Planters

  • Think about your plants - Consider the types of plants you want to grow. Choose planters to accommodate the specific plants based on size and where they'll be placed. Remember that some plants need more sunlight than others.
  • Design & color - Choose plant holders to match your personal sense of style and make sure these pieces blend in seamlessly with your existing decor.
  • Materials - Terracotta and clay are usually a popular choice but also easily breakable. Stone planters are classy but must be kept away from harsh sunlight. Vinyl and fiberglass containers are lightweight and cost-effective while wood is heavy-duty with a lovely, vintage feel.
  • Size - The size of your planter depends upon the space available. Window boxes and tabletop planters work well for studio apartments or compact balconies. If you have an independent house, you can invest in large statement pieces that can be placed in your garden or backyard.
  • Air-tight options - If your accentuate the interior of your home with flowers and plants, make sure the indoor planters are air tight. This will help prevent leaks that can damage your furnishings.
  • Cost - Your budget will ultimately determine the type of planter you choose. If you're looking for something disposable to last you through one season, plastic holders are inexpensive and lightweight. Stone and concrete, on the other hand, are heavier but typically cost more.