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9 Patio Garden Ideas

9 Patio Garden Ideas for a Small Yard

Hanging planters on a patio

When you have a small backyard, it may seem like your idea of having a lush garden needs to be tossed to the side. We're here to say that it doesn't. You can create the green oasis you've always wanted using these 9 patio garden tips. So break out the work gloves and your favorite plants and lets get to work.

Set up a trellis with climbing plants

From morning glories to climbing ivy, you can add greenery to any bare space with a trellis. The trellis allows plants to attach themselves and climb the side of your home or garage with ease.  

Use hanging planters

If you don't have a lot of patio space, but you want to add a splash of color and plant life, you can use hanging planters to liven up your patio. Even just picking a few corners here and there will let you create a more inviting atmosphere.

hanging plants

multiple plant types

Create dimensions with various size planters

When you have a patio garden, you can add layers, levels and dimensions by using planters of varying size. Start with a large planter full of flowers and add smaller planters to the side and in front of the biggest planter.

Plant multiple species in one pot

Create visual appeal and a look that is unique to your garden with a variety of plant species. If you plant annuals, you can change the plants each year, but if you plant only perennials, you can add variety by combining different plants in the same container.

Design a cozy garden hideaway

Create an intimate space by surrounding your patio with large planters and overflowing greenery. When you set patio furniture directly in front of a tightly packed garden space, you can create the feel of a private and isolated garden.

Travel to the tropics in your backyard

Tropical plants are the perfect patio accent when placed in large planters and containers. Because of weather constraints, you'll want to bring the plants inside when the temperature drops below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it ideal to plant them in pots and other containers.

patio garden

watering plants

Ensure adequate sunlight

Most plants need 6 to 8 hours of bright sunlight per day. Choose your location carefully, and take note the amount of daily sunlight your patio garden will receive.

Keep an eye on climbing plants

Be cautious when you plant climbers like ivy or morning glories, as many climbing plants can take over your yard or patio if you don't regularly maintain the landscaping. Make sure to create a regular pruning routine during growing seasons.

Water plants frequently

While they are convenient, potted plants tend to dry out quickly. If you're going to make a potted garden, you should water your plants more frequently than you would if you planted them in the ground.

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