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Gas vs. Wood Firepit

Building a fire in your backyard can create an entertaining and pleasant atmosphere for any backyard barbecue or party. Even when it's just a small intimate gathering with close friends or you want to enjoy a quiet fire by yourself, a backyard firepit can be the ideal way to relax beside the glow of firelight. When you want to add a firepit to your yard, you can choose between gas or wood options. While these types of firepits are both available in a variety of sizes to suit your space, you should consider the unique advantages and disadvantages of each fuel type.

Gas Firepit

Wood Firepit

Start-up Time


Flame Size




Gas Firepits

Advantages of Gas Firepits

  • No smoky scent - Gas firepits produce little to no aroma, leaving your clothes, hair and patio furniture free of smoky smells.
  • Instant start-up time - Instead of taking time to collect wood, build the fire, and get the fire started, you can turn the flames of a gas firepit on with ease.
  • Less cleanup - Gas firepits are easier to keep clean than wood firepits, which fill up with ash and debris. Gas models require little to no cleanup after each use.
Limitations of Gas Firepits
  • Smaller flame - Because gas firepits are more contained, the flames don't get as high.
  • Higher cost - While both gas and wood firepits are comparable in price, most gas firepits tend to be slightly more expensive than wood firepits.
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Wood Firepits

Advantages of Wood Firepits

  • Larger flame - Wood firepit flames are taller and more visually appealing than gas firepits.
  • Lower cost - Wood firepits, on average, are more cost-efficient than gas firepits.
  • Aroma - For many people, the smell of a fire adds ambiance and enjoyment.
Limitations of Wood Firepits
  • Lingering smoky smells - While the smell can be enjoyable, the smoky remnants can linger on clothes, in hair and on patio furniture.
  • Start-up time - It takes longer to start a wood fire because of additional preparation and labor. From collecting wood and setting up the fire to igniting the flames and keeping them going, there are many tasks that can add up quickly.
  • Extra cleanup - It takes longer to clean a wood-burning fire pit. You have to wait several days to remove the ashes after burning the fire to ensure that the embers don't reignite in a garbage bag.
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