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4 Types of Patio Chairs for Your Yard

4 Types of Patio Chairs for Your Yard

When the sun is shining, it's time to get outside. Your backyard is a great place to relax and spend quality time with loved ones. Make sure your backyard has the right patio chairs, so you can enjoy every minute outside comfortably. Whether you're hosting a pool party or just chilling with the family, there are many types of outdoor seating that comes in handy. Consider these four types of patio chairs for your yard this season.

Chaise Lounge Chair

1. Chaise Lounge Chairs

These reclining lounge seats are great for relaxing and putting your feet up. They're the ideal choice for pool seating, allowing you to lie down, soak up the sun and get a good tan. Foldable recliners are easy to carry with you and can be taken to the beach or even for a camping trip over the weekend. The latest designs feature durable material that won't wear due to moisture and other weather conditions. Most models come equipped with comfortable cushions or padding, and you can find patterns that brighten up your yard or match the decor.

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2. Glider Benches

This type of seating can easily accommodate two or three people and is a pretty addition to a patio, garden or front porch. A glider bench made from teak wood can add a charming vibe to your yard, and you can accentuate it with pretty floral cushions. Consider placing a couple of benches around an outdoor coffee table, so you and the family can enjoy some coffee and dessert as the sun sets. These chairs also make for attractive garden decor when you're hosting a party or small event outside.

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Outdoor Dining Chairs

3. Patio Dining Chairs

One of the most popular types of outdoor seating, patio dining chairs are available in pre-designed sets. They're easy to move around and can be placed in rows across a lawn, which is perfect when hosting people for a large outdoor bash. These chairs can also be grouped around tables for a more intimate setting. Not to mention, they don't take up too much space and be stacked easily in your shed or basement when the weather isn't cooperating.

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4. Outdoor Rocking Chairs

Infuse a casual and trendy feel into your outdoor decor with a sturdy, outdoor rocking chair that everyone will enjoy. This option is perfect for summer, allowing you to enjoy a quiet few moments of peace. Imagine sipping a cool drink and reading a book while rocking back and forth. It's the perfect chair for outside. Most models include weatherproof, stain-resistant cushions to withstand all kinds of conditions throughout the year. 

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