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Awesome Appetizer Ideas for Your Holiday Party

Awesome Appetizer Ideas for Your Holiday Party


The holidays are here, and it's time to celebrate the joy of the season with your nearest and dearest. Whether it's dinner with family or cocktails with close friends, everyone loves a get-together, especially when there is delicious food. Make your holiday party a hit this year with these three tasty appetizer ideas from our friends at Livemore.

Shrimp Spring Rolls (:02) 

Easy and quick, this tasty treat is a great way to kick off a party. The crunchy mix of fresh veggies, shrimp and vermicelli in the spring rolls create a delectable bites of cheer all around. You can serve these appetizers with sweet chili sauce on the side for an extra-savory burst of flavor.

Antipasto Skewer Wreath (0:58)

Using prosciutto, olives, basil, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, this combination is delicious. The tangy blend of fresh flavors will have everyone reaching for more. These skewers can be arranged in a wreath design on a flat bread bowl with a vinaigrette dip and a sprinkle of oregano on the top. This festive presentation will look stunning with the rest of your holiday spread.

Caprese Flatbread Pizza (1:28)

Bake a large flatbread with fresh burrata cheese and tomatoes, sprinkled with garlic powder at 400 degrees or five minutes. Toss arugula leaves in olive oil, salt and pepper to layer the top of your pizza and drizzle balsamic glaze over it for that lip-smacking finish. This holiday pizza is guaranteed to disappear in seconds, so maybe make more than one.